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June 14, 2012

The DCA Airopure System

The attacks on the World Trade Center of September 11, 2001 ushered in a new sense of vulnerability of the United States to terrorist’s acts. A new awareness has emerged following the use of Anthrax/Biological weapons of mass destruction on the American public. The use of Nuclear, (NBC) Chemical, Biological (CBWA) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) is a real threat to our country. Targets for opportunity by terrorists using “Dirty Bombs”, exists in key Federal and Military installations and complexes as well as the command and control centers, which serve the infrastructure of the nation. In 2002, a request for an IMMUNE HVAC system for installation in the White House, the Pentagon and the Capital Building was initiated by the Department of Defense.

DCA Systems took this opportunity to design the Airopure system, a HVAC System that will render such attacks harmless by sensing and neutralization of the molecules  immediately upon entry into the system. The Airopure system is a viable alternative to the carbon absorption filters now being used for protection in various mission critical facilities.

The protection of mission critical buildings from contaminant Chemical and Biological weapons agent attacks is presently achieved with the use of multiple coated carbon filters which absorb numerous contaminants. Over time the carbon becomes saturated with contaminants and are no longer effective in controlling the entrance of the contaminants into the building.

The use of carbon absorbents for treating outside air requires a 100 percent backup capacity if the building comes under sustained heavy attack. The carbon absorption system requires approximately 20 CFM of outside air per occupant verses 5 CFM of air using our system.

Carbon absorption systems do not regularly filter out carbon dioxide from buildings located in urban areas. These buildings experience elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the morning and early afternoon. The DCA Airopure system eliminates carbon dioxide and all other contaminant gases. Moderate activity of the occupants of an office building requires 5 CFM of ventilation air to maintain the carbon dioxide level below 800 parts per million if the ventilation air has a low-level of carbon dioxide on entry. The system ventilation rate can be as small as 10 percent of the absorbent ventilation rate. Costs associated with replacement of absorbent filters is the major cost of the system (approximately $1500 each in 2003 dollars) to filter 200 CFM of air. The annual cost of replacing filters for a 500,000 CFM system is $3,750,000. The cost of installing the Airopure system of 500,000 CFM is approximately $1.1 million with an annual operating expense of $10,000.00. We have designed a system for smaller CFM requirements suited for homes, small buildings, offices, Trucks, Cars, Trains and  Ships. Any building  structure requiring a SAFE ROOM and even an entire building space can be protected by a system for approximately one-third of the cost of installing Carbon filters.

Our  system supplies consistent quality of contaminant and carbon dioxide free ventilation air. The system uses industrial grade stainless steel for areas exposed to contaminants and has a life cycle of 60 years. A working prototype has been developed and the principle proven.

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